Discovering the Truth About Your Spirituality

“One thing ought to remind us as soon as extra that the nice issues on this universe are issues that we by no means see. You stroll out at night time and search for on the stunning stars as they bedeck the heavens like swinging lanterns of eternity and also you assume you possibly can see all. Oh, no. You may by no means see the legislation of gravitation that holds them there.”
Martin Luther King Jr.

Writing about spirituality will be delicate.

By not writing about it, I’d deny every of you entry to questions and ideas that may aid you really fulfill your function in life. I’m not speaking in regards to the politically appropriate, watered-down model of spirituality that sometimes refers to our core values; I imply the foundational beliefs on which our lives exist and performance. The target of this text is to broaden your interested by spirituality. All I ask is that you simply be open to my feedback with an investigative and inquisitive mindset. In the long run, you’ll make your individual private decisions.

Discovering true function in your life means occurring a private quest to seek out solutions to the next questions.

  • Are human beings non secular? How can I do know?
  • If we’re non secular, what does that actually imply? What’s the reality on this topic?
  • How can I inform non secular reality from falsehood?


Our lives function beneath pure legal guidelines and truths; no matter your opinions about these legal guidelines, the legal guidelines themselves don’t change. One instance is gravity. Simply since you do not perceive it doesn’t suggest gravity does not exist. And when folks believed the world was flat, their collective opinion didn’t make it so.

This precept of pure legal guidelines and reality equally applies to spirituality, non secular reality, or non secular legislation. The main target must be on discovering non secular reality, not creating it.

One rule we have to embrace is that each one people must be revered as they undergo their non secular search course of. Nor ought to anybody count on his or her journey to happen whereas studying this text. The journey takes time and private reflection.

Contemplate the primary query: are human beings non secular?
To reply, we should take into account the origins of our existence. Now we have solely two decisions: are all of us simply an accident or are we a part of a better plan created by a non secular being? So many people take our complexity as a right.

Listed here are two concepts to ponder.
1. If we’re an accident, pure legal guidelines should apply to the method.
Just a few years in the past, I had the pleasure of listening to an excellent mathematician and scientist who took the time to calculate the implications of the idea of evolution. His presentation documented the truth that it is mathematically unfeasible for all origins of life to come back from a single level, as instructed by some. From his analysis, he discovered evolution required genetic mutations and progress of such magnitude, it was merely not potential. As well as, he identified that present science revealed that the majority species that mutate die. (Mutations are required for this concept to be fulfilled.)

Then again, how can a person verify whether or not she or he is a part of a better plan or non secular energy?

The following thought is profound to this course of. I would love you to consider it lengthy after you learn this text.
2. We as people truly create nothing and uncover all the things!
Let me clarify what I imply by this. All objects, innovations, and findings already existed earlier than they have been found. They have been merely discovered. Developments of a brand new most cancers therapy, the hydrogen gasoline cell, or touring to Mars are examples of humankind’s realizing its potential-the potential to seek out it or do it was ALWAYS there. Einstein confirmed this in his equations that present vitality is rarely created or dissipated, however merely shifted into one other type.

So the place did all this potential come from?

If we’re non secular, reality should even be found, not created. After a decade of function work, I discover that people wrestle with their function and which means in life till they’ll make clear their beliefs about their Bulu Perindu Religious Objects. I consider that readability about your existence is a very powerful subject you possibly can handle and that each different function course of, private growth system, or studying expertise is insignificant by comparability.

I wish to depart you with a couple of closing ideas.

  • All assumptions at present held by mankind on spirituality can’t all be true. Because of this some folks within the space of spirituality nonetheless consider the world is flat, although there’s proof on the contrary.
  • Pure legal guidelines and reality apply equally to spirituality as they do to the remainder of our lives. Which means we do not create non secular legal guidelines; we uncover what’s already true.
  • The legislation of duality applies to spirituality as is does to all different situations for mankind. You can’t have gentle with out darkness, push with out pull, excessive with out low, quick with out sluggish, or good with out evil.
  • That non secular reality is completely different than-and shouldn’t be confused with-the method people want to categorical and stay their spirituality.


Sure, I do personally consider we’re not an accident and that we have now a selected non secular heritage, origin, and one God. These are my beliefs. You could, nevertheless, personally uncover and ensure your spirituality for your self. A few of you might be clear and assured; others are not sure or detached. Regardless, I problem you to substantiate your assumptions and make clear your non secular beliefs as a result of they have an effect on all the things you’ll do or will develop into in your life.

Motion steps to Discovering the Fact about Your Spirituality
Beliefs Are Your Assumptions about these 9 Factors.

  1. What’s going on right here on this universe?
  2. What’s true, actual, false, unreal, good, and unhealthy?
  3. How can I validate what’s true? What standards are dependable?
  4. What’s the origin, supply, and function of life?
  5. What’s on the foundations of life?
  6. Why does life exist? My life?
  7. How ought to I conduct my life and the way ought to I really like?
  8. Ought to I even concern myself with most of these questions?
  9. How do I do know my life has which means?


These are, in fact, robust questions. Your beliefs are the muse cornerstones of all the things you assume, decide, plan, hope for, and search to realize. They type the premise for all ethical and moral choices. They’re the display screen by which you filter and interpret your world. Your beliefs additionally decide your psychological perspective to some extent – when it comes to your being mainly hopeful, impartial, or pessimistic about life.

Individuals say, “perspective shapes perception.” I say the alternative. What you assume to be true causes you to have a sure perspective. Feelings comply with from that perspective.


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